Vision & Values

Today Australian Vintage is at the forefront of the Australian wine industry. Crushing approximately 10% of total Australian annual production, our vineyards and grape supply capacity extends through some of Australia’s most captivating and diverse wine regions.

Our dynamic and award-winning wine brands are recognised and enjoyed across the globe. Acclaim for our winemakers continues to grow, and is reflected in the continuing success of our brands and private label solutions for the domestic and key export markets.

Our diversity of regions, brands, production capabilities and established winemaking pedigree has resulted in our brands and products being recognised the world over.

Our Vision

To be a wine culture company. To be Australia’s most responsive and efficient producer of quality branded, private and exclusive label wines.

Our Brands

Our Values

We must be responsive to external and internal customers. We are innovative yet return focused. We work with honesty, transparency and respect. We are building accountable teams in a safe environment.